Client Feedback

Stanley and Sarah talk about their visa experience:

“We were very happy to receive the good news that our Subclass 300 ‘Fiance’ visa was approved. Freeman Migration Services were so helpful to both of us when the process was difficult to understand, and when we didn’t know the next step for us to be together. They were so helpful to us in arranging the required documents and guiding us with all the forms to be filled. They were very patient in dealing with us and didn’t hesitate to answer all our questions. Overall our dealings with Freeman Migration Services have been a wonderful experience for us, and now we can be together in Australia and are looking forward to starting our new journey.”

Stanley and Sarah
Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa application

Rishab talks about his visa experience:

After completing my undergrad and masters in Australia, I was looking forward to the opportunity to live in the tropics and apply the range of skills I acquired. To do so the Temporary Graduate Work Visa was the best fit for me. I always thought Visa applications are highly stressful and involved a lot of paperwork, until I approached Stephen for advice regarding the same. Stephen, Alison and Vanessa were incredibly helpful and guided me through every step of the application. Their knowledge regarding the application process was impeccable and they were very meticulous with every detail, during all stages of the application. The way they work makes it incredibly easy for the applicant and they are extremely professional! I wholeheartedly thank them for making this possible and I definitely recommend their services for all things visas in Australia.


John and Ecar from Philippines talk about their visa experience:

When we first started looking into applying for a partner visa we thought of doing it ourselves. We were talking to a man in a coffee shop who had applied for a visa himself only to find his application wasn’t successful. He said he had become quite stressed and had spent a lot of money. He then sought the help of Freeman Migration Services and in due course had his visa approved - he was full of praise for Stephen and Alison.  We then decided to use Freeman Migration Services based on this recommendation and we are so happy we did!  Stephen and Alison are very professional, which you can see comes from years of experience and they made this very difficult process stress free. They are very straight forward and honest with their advice and their communications were outstanding. After now going through this process ourselves, we highly recommend you talk to Freeman Migration Services if you need advice about your future visa arrangements. Stephen and Alison: we thank so much for the great service you provided us in getting our visa approved!

John and Ecar
Partner visa application

Michael & Carla

“Huge and grateful thanks to Stephen Hawker and Alison Twiname at Freeman Migration Services for helping me get my wife and both children a PR (permanent residency) status and to be able to live together in Australia. We found Stephen and Alison to be very truthful and not afraid to tell us when certain things could have gone wrong. They provided us moral support during the time of uncertainty; which is very important for all of us. Their recommendations had always made sense; no questions or concerns have been unanswered. We appreciate both of them for their strength, honesty, enthusiasm, and professionalism. With Immigration Consultants like them, obviously no doubt that Freeman Migration Services Australia Pty Ltd is one of the top Immigration agents in Australia. We truly appreciate all the efforts they put in for our application, which was approved much sooner than the advertised wait time. Good job and thank you for Stephen and Alison. We would highly and strongly recommend Freeman Migration Services Australia to anyone looking for immigration services!”

Michael and Carla

Diana from Colombia and David talk about their visa experience

We want to take this opportunity to thank you both for all your hard work and the professional manner in which you handled our case. We highly recommend your service and are very delighted and pleased with our over all experience. Through a difficult and stressful process, we were able to rely on your office for the support and guidance that we needed. The knowledge that you both have is incredible and was proven from the outcome of our case.

Diana & David

Julia from Germany pleased to have gained her Partner visa.

"Thanks to the team at Freeman Migration Services for helping us get our partner visa! We were really pleased to finally get it granted and couldn't have done it without your very professional help".

Julia with Chris and Tony on Australia Day.


Paul and Julia talk about their partner visa application:

Stephen and Alison were really helpful and efficient. If only we had found them sooner! We had struggled with the permanent residency visa application process for three years and were at the end of our tether. Once we had handed everything over to Freeman Migration Services, we received my visa only one month later! What a relief! If you are thinking of engaging their services - don't hesitate like we did, you can fully trust them and their service is worth the money.

Paul & Julia

Wilson and Chantal from Congo

It was a pleasure working with Stephen and Alison through the long hard journey of our visa application. Without their wise help and knowledge of migration law we just wouldn't have made it. We were very grateful to have you on our side! We are so pleased to be able to be part of the Australian community.

Wilson & Chantal

Steve and Lucy talk about their visa experience

Thanks Stephen & Alison. You have both been great since day one. Everything has been smooth sailing and you were really easy to deal with, and your communications skills definitely made us feel at ease during the process. We recommend Freeman Migration Services to anybody looking for migration advice. We are so glad we engaged you to help us. Again, thanks for all your help over the past years, and best wishes for the future.

Steve & Lucy
Partner visa application

Chris from USA and his Australian partner Kathryn talk about their Partner visa experience

We want to thank the team at Freeman Migration Services so very, very much. Ours was not a 'typical' application, it was complex took a long time and we could not have got through it without Stephen and Alison and their team who provided all their help. You guys earned and deserve every penny! We are pleased to be able to provide this testimonial as yet another successful visa applicant. All the best and thanks again for everything!

Chris & Kathryn
Partner (Permanent) visa application

Mal & Sherlita

Thank you Stephen and Alison and the team at Freeman Migration Services Australia for the professional way you handled our visa application for Sherlita to come from the Philippines. It was a good opportunity for us to get to know you and it was fantastic to have your unfailing support all the way through the complicated visa application process. Our sincere thanks!

Mal and Sherlita
Partner visa application from Philippines

David & Thu from Vietnam

Two and a half years ago we applied for a partner visa. My wife is from Vietnam and we got our application refused and had to battle to convince the authorities that our relationship was genuine. Freeman Migration then represented us in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal - it was a harrowing experience but Stephen attended the appeal and was successful in getting our refusal overturned. We found out today that Thu has now been granted permanent residence and we can now finally be together here in Australia. It is a great relief and we could not have done it without Stephen and Alison from Freeman Migration Services. What a fantastic result!

David and Thu
Partner visa application from Vietnam

Phil & Yuni talk about their visa experience

Thank you to Stephen and Alison for your assistance during the complicated partner visa application process. Our family is delighted that the visa arrangements have been finally completed. It was great to have your experience with us so that everything went smoothly.

Phil & Yuni
Partner visa application

Our New Life In Australia

We would like to thank you for all the efforts you have put into getting us this visa approval. We would like you to know that we really appreciate your professional approach, prompt responses, your knowledge of the information with regards to the entire process, your efficiency. Your systematic approach and guidance had made our application process extremely smooth.


Johnny and family from the Philippines

My wife and I would like to give our big thanks to Stephen and Alison for helping us prepare and lodge a permanent residence visa application successfully. It was pretty difficult for us to get everything together for the application and it was very good to have their help all the way through the process. We are so pleased to now be part of this great country! We'll definitely refer Freeman Migration to others if they need expert advice and professional assistance with their visa applications.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residence visa application

Chris From USA

Wow, getting a sponsored permanent residence visa was no easy task! I was confused so I made an appointment for a consultation with Stephen at Freeman Migration Services and we talked right through about how I could go about it, and it was reassuring as he sure had the experience and knowledge to make sure that I had the best chance of success. They took on my case and both Stephen and Alison at Freeman Migration Services checked that every box was ticked and that we had a great chance going into it. I would not have been able to get through the process without them. Now I am a permanent resident of Australia thanks to Freeman Migration Services. It’s a great feeling at last and I am glad I used them.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residence visa application

Gabriela from Romania

We are pleased to be able to post a comment about our visa experience.

The team at Freeman Migration Services Australia were of great help. Their service was first class. After suffering refusals and delays for two years while trying to get a tourist visa for my fiance from Romania to visit me in Australia, we enlisted the legal advice and migration services of Freeman Migration.

Stephen and Alison assisted us in every aspect of the application of our Prospective Marriage (Subclass 300) visa and guided us in preparation for its submission. After lodgement of the Prospective Marriage visa we were also successful with the grant of a 12 month tourist visa so my fiance could visit me and help organize our wedding in advance.

Thank you Stephen and Alison for all your support. We recommend their services to anyone seeking expert immigration legal advice.

Prospective Marriage Visa

Denise From UK

I was extremely upset when I first contacted Freeman Migration Services. I was lost as to what the future held with my visa application, because of relationship problems. Stephen and his team made me feel very comfortable and took my personal circumstances into consideration. Stephen was direct and told me exactly what my options were and what was expected of me. He sorted out the complex issues with my visa application, and it has now been successfully granted. Without the professional help from Freeman Migration Services I would not be in Australia, which is now the country I consider my home. If you have a difficult problem with your visa, Freeman Migration Services have the experience to help you.

Partner VISA Application

Jeremy and Margaret from UK

We owe one huge thank you to Stephen, Alison and staff at Freeman Migration Services for all their hard work involved in getting our complicated visa application through without any dramas being caused to us in the process. Their professionalism and knowledge is first class. We recommend their migration services to anyone who wants the stress taken out of their visa application process. Again, a massive thank you!

Jeremy and Margaret
Visa application

Lyle and Marifel and family from Philippines

When my wife Marifel wanted to come from the Philippines to Australia to join me, there were a number of legal complications and I sought assistance and migration advice from Stephen and Alison at Freeman Migration Services. We were very happy with the experience and the outcome.

We are now a happy family, and our daughter and stepson are now here with us as well in Australia. This would not have been possible without expert professional help and we thank Freeman Migration Services so much !

Lyle and Marifel
Partner visa application

Hai from Vietnam

I am very grateful for Stephen and Alison's assistance with my permanent residency visa. I was a long process and took over a year, but Stephen and Alison's expertise in migration law and exceptional customer service helped me along the way. A particular big thank you to Alison who always had a timely, friendly and professional answer to all my questions. I would highly recommend Freeman Migration Services Australia to anyone looking for expert help with their Australian migration needs.

Employer sponsored skilled permanent residence visa.

Robert and Dany from Cambodia

I am Dany from Cambodia. My husband Robert has been waiting patiently here in North Queensland for me and our baby to be able to return. I had a lot of visa problems, and had to leave Australia and go back home to Cambodia for a long time while things got sorted out.

But now I just arrived back here and I am back with my family and we can now get on with our lives in Australia!

Our case goes back a number of years, and Stephen and Alison at Freeman Migration Services have worked with me and my family for a long time to sort out all the legal problems and documentation so that we can be lawful and live here together like everybody else in this wonderful country. We just could not have done it without their professional support over a long period. The day that Stephen rang me in Cambodia to say that my visa was granted and everything is OK was the best day of my life!

Robert and Dany
Visa Grant

Tom and Marria from USA

Thank you so much Stephen and Alison at Freeman Migration for all of your help and advice when we needed to get Tom's residence in Australia sorted out. You made both us both very comfortable about the complicated process at all times. It was a very smooth experience and lots of fun and laughs along the way with no stress.

We highly recommend you guys to all our friends and family, and anyone else that needs expert advice about migration to this fabulous country - Australia. It was wonderful that you didn't treat us like a number, you treated us like real people and we appreciate it so much.

Good job to all of you. Thank you!

Tom and Marria
Partner visa from USA

Kat and Mark and family from UK

We found Stephen and Alison to be extremely kind, helpful and professional. When there seemed to be a hold-up with the visa processing, through no fault of Freeman Migration, Stephen followed up the problem and the permanent visa was finalised soon after.

After approximately three years of working with Freeman Migration we would recommend this service to anyone wanting peace of mind and pleasantness in their visa process.

Kat and Mark and family
Partner Visa Application from UK

Miriam and Family from Kenya

We appreciate your professionalism, skill and expertise in seeing us through to the end of our visa process. Thank you too for your patience when it took longer than expected. We recommend the migration services of Freeman Migration Services Australia to other people!

Miriam and Family
Skilled Independent Permanent Residence Visa Application

Partner Visa from Argentina

Freeman Migration Services quickly assessed the correct visa for our situation, and after clarifying an otherwise complex series of steps, presented a clear path to obtaining our permanent residence visa. At each step of the process, the team at Freeman Migration was more than attentive to any doubts or questions we had along the way, acting quickly and decisively every time. In addition to receiving our visa in a very timely manner, we received a note from our immigration Case Officer advising that the visa application had been put together very thoroughly and was well prepared. We would highly recommend Freeman to anybody considering their migration services!

David and Claudia

Wally and Melba

One of my friends learned of my plans to lodge a fiancée visa, and gave me advice that I should get an agent and he recommended Freeman Migration Services to me.

We met with Stephen and Alison and in due course received the good news that the application for a Prospective Marriage visa had been granted. We were both surprised and amazed to hear the good news.

Freeman Migration Services helped us a lot in our journey. They are knowledgeable, dependable, give clear advice, and were easy to talk to. They are sincere and impressive in doing their job.

You can count on them with NO worries. Keep up the excellent work!!.

Thank You and God Bless!!!


Wally and Melba
Prospective Marriage Visa from the Philippines

Bhumi and family from India

We would like to heartily thank Stephen and Alison at Freeman Migration Services for all their help and advice given to us during our visa application process. They both used their considerable professional knowledge to help me solve every problem that came up during my the preparation of my visa application. Alison, you are such an amazing person - we appreciated your style when dealing with us. You were always there to answer every question and you helped build my confidence. It is not easy applying for permanent residence in Australia, and we were so glad we used Freeman Migration Services Australia as we can now get on with our lives in this great country without having to worry any more about our immigration status.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme employer sponsored permanent residence visa

James from India

I am a very happy customer of Freeman Migration Services Australia. They helped me so much, working efficiently with my employer to get all the nomination information together as well as sorting out my visa application. It went straight through without any hold ups because Stephen and Alison thought of everything and prepared it very professionally.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme employer sponsored Permanent Residence visa application

Royston and Irene from India and Philippines

We would like to sincerely thank Stephen and Alison at Freeman Migration Services for all the help that they gave us during our visa application.

They gave us lots of their time and made great efforts to make sure that we got a positive outcome. It was a very long process, but with the help, knowledge and expertise of Freeman Migration we were able to get a smooth and worry free transition through all those complicated situations. Thanks very much Stephen and Alison, we highly recommend you and Freeman Migration Services as Registered Migration Agents.

Royston & Irene
Partner visa application

Yihun from China

Freeman Migration Services provides outstanding, fantastic, world-class and professional service from beginning to finish. I can not find the words to describe the service which I received throughout my visa application process. Stephen and Alison use their professional knowledge to help me to solve every problem during the process, held my hand, I never feel lost. Meanwhile, they are easy to contact, when I get a question and sent an email to Alison, I always receive her reply in the next day with a clear explanation. Otherwise, during the documents preparation period, I am slow to prepare all the documents done, Alison always send me an email to check my process. They are really responsible to deal with each case and they alwaysget the job done on time. Overall, I would like to rate their service 10/10 and I am strongly recommend Freeman Migration Services to everyone. Thanks once again. Freeman Migration Services, Well done.

Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residence visa application

Pomat from Manus Island, Papua New Guinea

After researching all the requirements for permanent residence in Australia, I was more than a little confused, and considered the process was far too daunting for me to undertake. After my initial meeting with an immigration lawyer, it appeared even more daunting, and seemingly improbable of ever being able to succeed with my application. Then after a meeting with Stephen from Freeman Migration, a path was set in place to enable a better chance of success. My first step in the long process of applying has now been rewarded with the issue of a student visa to undertake upgrading of my English skills. All the necessary groundwork, course research and applications were professionally carried out by both Stephen and Alison at Freeman Migration, and I was regularly updated throughout the lengthy visa process until final granting. I sincerely thank them for their efforts and personal approach to the process and the next step is now up to me.

Student Visa application for English language course in Queensland

Louis From Papua New Guinea

I know I would have had a difficult time applying for a student visa and I must commend you and your staff for a job well done. You know exactly what is expected and advised my family accordingly. I will not hesitate to recommend Freeman Migration Services to others.

Student visa application for study at South Australian primary school

Taku from Zimbabwe

I have always wanted to be a part of the Australian community and getting Permanent Residence was the next step for me. My situation was a bit dicey to say the least and needed a professional team that knew what they were were doing in and out. I approached Freeman Migration Services and they gave me the guidelines and service that I needed.

Freeman Migration Services showed absolute professionalism and client oriented focus. I would like to deeply thank them for their good work. They are without doubt a Registered Migration Agent that I would recommend. God speed Freeman!


Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme employer sponsored permanent residence visa application

Sukchain from India

Thanks very much to Stephen and Alison for a job well done with my visa application. I had quite a few problems getting things sorted out with my employer sponsor, but Stephen never gave up and visited three different employers with me until he found someone who would sponsor me! I could not have done it without his help, and now I am established in a new life in Australia. I am very grateful to Freeman Migration Services and very pleased I used them with my visa application. I recommend them for friendly and helpful service - and they know what they are talking about!

Sponsored Migration Scheme Permanent Residency visa application

Lakhbir from India

Thank you and other staff for all the efforts made during processing of my visa application. Me and my family is very happy for the decision. Thanks once again.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Permanent Residency application

Roy from Philippines

I was very impressed, and I was happy with the assistance provided to me right from the beginning. The way I was handled as a client and the way things were discussed with me was very professional. I was provided with all the information I needed and kept informed. Thanks very much to everyone at Freeman Migration, I appreciate what you have done. Keep up the good work!

Employer sponsored permanent residence application for his family

Tyrone from South Africa

Thank you so much for all your help, you made it a stress free process explaining what was happening each step of the way. Would recommend your services to anyone applying to be in Australia.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Permanent Residency application

Hamid from Pakistan

I am really thankful for your services and your expertise to help me to get a visa. No doubt your services had taken away a lot of my worries and doubts during processes of my visa. I really acknowledge your knowledge and skills in your field.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residence

Lenna & Trystan from Ireland

When you are working overseas, it's a bit difficult to know who to turn to when you want to arrange a visa. It's important to make a good decision because moving back to Australia with my Irish partner was a big step and we wanted to get it right otherwise there could be big problems with work and family commitments.

On a recommendation, we used Stephen and the team at Freeman Migration Services Australia and we are glad we did!

They are a very experienced migration agency and they took us all through everything we needed to do, and we were pleased when our visa came through without any hassles.

It was no problem doing everything over the internet and by email – they replied to us quickly and gave us easy to follow instructions so that everything went well.

We will certainly be recommending their services to all our friends!


Lenna and Trystan
Partner visa application

Jin & Partner from Korea

We were guided through the process and all went according to schedule. All we had to do was follow the instructions from Freeman Migration and our needs were met efficiently. Too easy! Thanks Stephen and staff! I deeply appreciate your great service.

Jin and Partner
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residency visa

Kieran & Anna from Poland & Ireland

e would like to share our gratitude to Freeman Migration who were very reliable and most helpful in our recent application for residency.

We would highly recommend Freeman Migration services for putting our minds at ease and for expertly guiding us through the process.

Thank you so much for all your help .


Kieran and Anna
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residency application

Sarah & family from New Zealand

Extremely efficient service on our difficult application. We highly recommend Freeman Migration for their professional but friendly service.

Sarah and family
Employer Nomination Scheme permanent residence application

Dave & Janine from New Zealand

When we first decided to go through with the immigration process we were so daunted with the amount of forms and questions. We were sure we would stuff it up and that as a result Dave would not be allowed to immigrate to Australia.

Seeking help from Freeman Migration was the smartest thing we did. The ease and speed at which things happened was amazing. All our dumb questions were answered with a smile and we were never once made to feel stupid for asking these questions.

When we were going through the initial process we got stuck from time to time and it was great to be able to get speedy replies. The step by step layout of where we were up to and what documentation was needed was just the biggest help.

With our busy lives it made the process a breeze – we didn't have to think and remember. We highly recommend Freeman Migration to all people wanting to go through the immigration process. Using Freeman Migration took the worry out of it for us.


Dave and Janine
Partner visa application

Kennedy & family from Kenya

Please accept my family's appreciation of your professional services extended to us.

Kennedy and family
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residence application

Peter & Rose from Philippines

Just want to say Thank You. It is not often in this day and age to that you find a truly professional person or business that cares about his/their clients and their needs. The professionalism that was shown by you and your staff in regard to my/our application for a Visa was exceptional to say the least.

Rose and I are very happy with the outcome and are very surprised that the application was processed so quickly.

Again Thank you for the hard work and professionalism provided in having our Visa application processed.


Peter and Rose
Prospective Spouse Visa from the Philippines

Dewa from Indonesia

Thank you very much for everything you have done, Stephen. I am so happy to have my visa granted!

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residency visa

Anacleto & family from Philippines

We would like to convey our sincere thanks to Freeman Migration Services for assisting us lodge our permanent residency visa. Your expertise in handling and processing of our requirements, from dealing with my employer sponsor, to providing necessary documents and lodging our visa application is pretty amazing. Your support and professional service has helped our family a lot and enabled us to have our permanent residency granted stress free.

Anacleto and family
Regional sponsored migration scheme permanent residents

Satoshi from Japan

I wanted to apply for permanent residence for myself and my family, and throughout the year that we worked on putting the application together with Freeman Migration Services we felt as though we were always well informed.

They communicated effectively so that we were confident our visa application had a strong chance of success. It was always explained to us what stage of the application process were up to and each step was explained in a way we could understand. Our permanent residence was granted and we were very happy with the service provided to us by Freeman Migration Services.


Japan Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa application

Rene from Philippines

Freeman Migration's expertise in migration application processes, their high degree of professionalism and personalised services provided me with a reassuring and hassle-free handling of my PR application.

I would not have any second thoughts in recommending Freeman Migration to any of my acquaintances who need migration services.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

Pete & Melanie from UK

I would certainly recommend Stephen Hawker at Freeman Migration Services for putting our minds at ease and for expertly guiding us through the process step by step.

It took so much stress and worry away knowing that we weren't misinterpreting any of the complex legal jargon that is on the forms and that we could ask as many questions as we needed. It was comforting to know you were only a call or an e-mail away and that any queries would be answered promptly.

I had tried to do this application myself but found it to be a nightmare, it was such a relief to know we were giving our application the best chance possible and that we had included everything the department was looking for. It is hard enough going through the process but to know professional advice and support is there is worth every dollar.

Needless to say we are delighted with the positive outcome, thank you so much Stephen!


Pete and Melanie
Partner Visa

Marcelino from Philippines

Having a migration agent helps people like me a lot. It's hard when you don't have specific knowledge about immigration requirements. I went to the right migration agent who gave me the right advice for my case as a migrating applicant. Stephen at Freeman Migration told me about all the possibilities and consequences, and helped me get through and get my permanent residency. I am very happy.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residency visa

Kristine & Bill from USA

We're heading to Australia! Thank you Freeman Migration Services for your efforts on our behalf. Your assistance proved invaluable as you knew exactly what the case officers were looking for. You were able to advise us what we needed to submit in a comprehensive and organized manner. This made life so much easier for us and avoided a lot of worry, repetition, or failure to complete the forms correctly. Your ongoing professional support whenever I had questions helped alleviate any concerns. Without your support, we believe our migration application process would not have happened as quickly or as successfully. Thank you again for all you assistance. We're so excited!

Kristine & Bill
Temporary work visa applicants from USA

Zaw from Burma

I really appreciated all your assistance provided to me and my family with our visa application. I am really happy and grateful to get my visa approved and to gain our permanent residency. You kept me informed during the process and I found working with Freeman Migration very systematic and it was therefore easy filling out all the forms. Thanks so much for all your help.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residence visa application

Stacy & Alistair from United Kingdom

We are so grateful for what you have done and I would never be here if it wasn't for you. So exciting!

Stacy and Alistair
Spouse application from United Kingdom

Emanuel from Philippines

I am more than happy and more than satisfied with the result of my visa application that Freeman Migration worked on.

Stephen did a marvelous job in overcoming the difficulty of my situation and found the best possible solution to apply for my permanent visa using the right process.

I also received the result of my visa application much earlier than I expected. Thanks so much Stephen.


Employer Nomination Scheme permanent residency visa

Ruswin Integrated Security Systems

Ruswin Integrated Security Systems is a progressive company and from time to time hires highly skilled professionals from overseas to complement our team of technicians.

We contacted Freeman Migration Services to assist with our visa needs, and they reliably provided us with professional migration advice and assistance with arranging visas for our overseas employees.

Using a migration expert to sort out all the complexities of the visas, has meant that Ruswin can get on with doing what it does best – providing state of the art security products and services – without the additional worry of the migration process.

If you want professional advice and assistance about Australian migration law, and want someone to handle your visa requirements, we recommend you contact Registered Migration Agent, Stephen Hawker, at Freeman Migration Services Australia.


Stan Neal
Ruswin Integrated Security Systems

Masala Indian Cuisine

When I first came to North Queensland I needed help with Australian visas for my team of authentic Indian chefs.

Stephen Hawker at Freeman Migration has worked with me for some years now, providing me with migration advice and visa support as I established the Masala restaurants, and on an ongoing basis.

It can be pretty difficult at times getting chefs through Australia's immigration system, and quite frankly, without his help I simply could not have grown the business to what it is today – popular restaurants serving good value authentic Indian regional cuisine.

I am pleased to recommend Freeman Migration Services Australia and look forward to seeing you at Masala Indian Cuisine soon – remember 'It doesn't have to be hot!


Ajad Handa
Masala Indian Cuisine

Matt & Anika from Germany

Thanks so very, very much for all your help in our visa application – I'm sure it would have been a very drawn-out and stressful process had we not recruited your services.

We are very happy indeed. Thanks once again for your assistance, you've done a great job and we couldn't be happier with your work!


Matt and Anika
Spouse application from Germany

Michelle & Sam from Egypt

Thanks for all your hard work, it's all been worth the wait and now we are enjoying our lives together, we couldn't be happier.

Michelle and Sam
PArtner application from Egypt

Darren & Rowena from Philippines

Thanks for all your quick and efficient work, I can't believe how quick we got our visas!

Darren and Rowena
Spouse application from Philippines

Alex & Brittney from USA

"We got married in the USA and had to make all kinds of complicated visa arrangements, which was not easy because we had lots of other things on our minds as well!

The people at Freeman Migration were great – they worked closely with us and everything went very smoothly and the visa problems were all taken care of very professionally.

Now we are back in Australia, all set up and our visa arrangements are hassle free ! I recommend anyone who wants a good Registered Migration Agent : use these guys.

Alex and Brittney
Partner visa from USA

Karyna & Allan from Ukraine

Thank you so much for your wonderful work on our visa.

Karyna and Allan
Fiancé visa from Ukraine

Gajendra from India

I spent a lot of time studying in Australia to gain my qualifications, and I had to get someone who knew what they were doing when I applied for my permanent residency.

Stephen and his staff at Freeman Migration Services clearly explained to me what was required, and using them to put my employer documents together as well as assist with my visa application was a fantastic help. I am now a permanent resident in Australia and all my hard work has paid off. There was a lot at stake when I put my visa application together for permanent residence, and I admit I was a bit worried about the complexity - but Freeman Migration made me feel at ease and guided me expertly through the process.

You can be sure that they will work with you to make sure that your visa application has the best chance of success. I recommend their services!

Employer sponsored permanent residency

George from Kenya

Your services have been a blessing to me and my family. We kindly convey our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all your services during this long process. Thank you and your team for achieving the results on our behalf. God bless you.

Employer Sponsored Permanent Residence visa

Cheenie from Philippines

Going through the process of having my residency approved under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme was initially a daunting task for me. With this, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the professional services of Freeman Migration for being an effective instrument in having my residency visa approved. I have the highest regard for Stephen who gave expert advice and guidance in all the possible options that I have. His words of encouragement helped me feel that I really have the best chance.

I would also like to express my heart felt thanks to Alison for being very accommodating. Through her diligence and constant assistance, I was able to ensure that all administrative requirements and documentation are covered.

Without a doubt, I definitely recommend the services of Freeman Migration.


Permanent residence employer sponsored visa application

Grace from Hong Kong

I'm very grateful to you for your help throughout the whole application process. Your expertise, professional advice and follow up are highly recommended to those who require this service.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Permanent Residency Visa Application

Yubong from South Korea

I'm so excited about my visa being granted. Thank you for much for all your great work for me. You worked really well during the application process and performed well in every situation. I appreciated your kindness and wish Freeman Migration Services all the best for the future.

Employer sponsored Regional Migration Scheme permanent residence visa application

Anton & Catherine plus family from South Africa

We are all overjoyed to have had you deal with this very important matter regarding our permanent resident visa application. Your friendly approach makes dealing with this a lot easier, as you know this can be an extremely stressful time. I would have no hesitation at all in referring you to friends and family.

Thank you very, very much for your very professional way of dealing with all our personal information.

There is no doubt that customer service is you number one priority, you go out of your way to keep your customers happy.


Anton and Catherine and family
Employer sponsored application from South Africa

Racheal & family from Nigeria

If you want a highly professional, qualified, honest and thorough migration consultant that will follow the application process through from 'cradle to grave', try Freeman Migration. Their service delivery is excellent and they are simply amongst the best providers of migration services in Queensland.

Racheal and family
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residency application

Ajay from India

I cannot begin to thank you for your stellar effort in helping my father out. He got his passport endorsed yesterday and was one happy man.

Contributory parent application from India

Matthew & Ester from Brazil

My partner and I decided to apply for a Tourist Visa in Brazil, and after putting together what we thought was a great application we were confident that we had satisfied the requirements. We were very disappointed to discover that our application was rejected for reasons that you would never know from the information available to us.

When I came back to Australia I learned about Registered Migration Agents and did a search for my local area, and that's how I found Freeman Migration Services. Stephen Hawker was great to work with. He fitted me in at times that suited me and we covered all of the bases so that our next application was straight forward and approved without any hassles.

I thoroughly recommend Freeman Migration Services, and will definitely use them again for our future visa requirements.


Matthew and Ester
Tourist visa application

Stephen & family from UK

Thankyou so much,received the email from you regarding our visa approval. This has brightened up our day. Just want to get out there and start our new lives.

Your guidance and help in this matter has been appreciated so thank you once again. I am sure we will be in contact in the future for any other advice or guidance we require regarding migration matters.

Thank you from all our family.


Stephen and family
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent residency visa application from UK

Gerald from Malawi

Your service is great and level of professionalism is second to none. Your support staff are great and they do pass on messages to you when you are back in the office. They manage the office very well in your absence such that as a client I felt well looked after even in your absence. We loved the fact that you guided us through the process very gently and with great knowledge of the latest changes in the migration act and policies and what that meant for us as your clients.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Permanent Residency Visa Application

Stephanie & Mark from Germany

I just want to say thank you for your awesome work and your help in every situation!

Stephanie and Mark
Spouse application from Germany

Dixon from Papua New Guinea

I would like to thank you for the time and effort that you have put forward to eventually obtain our PR status here in Australia.

I will be a referee for your company should anyone go through the same process as me.

Employer sponsored application from Papua New Guinea


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